Terms and Conditions, Kilglass Gaels GAA Club Draw 2022
1. The promoter and running agent of this Raffle (hereafter known as the Competition) is Kilglass Gaels GAA Club (hereafter known as the Club)
2. The Competition is open to anyone who has reached majority on or before the 18th of September 2022, OR who has reached majority between the commencement of the ticket sales, and the draw of the Competition.
3. The Cost of the tickets shall be €20.00 per ticket, OR €50.00 for three tickets.
4. A maximum of 5,000 tickets shall be available.
5. The Prizes shall be advertised on the relevant websites and through appropriate channels. The Club reserve the right to alter/change the prizes at any time including up to and the date of the draw.
6. The organisers of this competition shall not derive any personal profit from this competitions.
7. Cut off for sales of any tickets cease 1 hour prior to the draw taking place to allow the club time to collect, prepare, and validate the final entries to allow for full participation in the draw.
8. Upon entering this draw, the entrant agrees to the use of their details being used in connection with this competition
9. Personal data of any kind will not be disclosed to a third party without the member’s consent.
10. The Club will retain and use personal data for the duration of the competition.
11. Any winners must agree and consent to relevant personal data being released to third parties deemed relevant by the Club  for the fulfilment of prizes, and for advertisement and fundraising opportunities for the Club.
12. Neither the Club nor any of its servants, agents, licensees, trustees, directors, committee members or the organisers of the competition shall be liable for any loss, inconvenience, damage, or expense, suffered by persons participating in this competition.
13. The Club shall not be liable for any failure in performance of any obligation.
14. The Club reserves the right to cancel or amend the competition and these terms and conditions without notice in the event of any unforeseen circumstances or any actual or unanticipated breach of any applicable law, regulation, or any other event, outside of the club’s control.
15. Tickets are non-refundable save where the competition is cancelled. In that event, a ninety percent refund will be given.
16. The winner of any prize shall bear all responsibility for transport costs, registration costs, veterinary costs etc. The Club will bear no costs in relation to the delivery or execution of any prize.
17. The Club will bear no cost after transfer of ownership of any prize.
18. A prize winner must claim their prize within 14 calendar days. If they do not do so, the Club reserves the right to void the winning ticket.
19. The winner of any prize must collect or arrange for said prize to be collected from the grounds of the Club or from custody of their agents within 14 calendar days of the draw.
20. The winner of  the first prize MUST furnish the Club with relevant details within 7 calendar days of the draw to allow for transfer of ownership.
21. Ownership of prizes will transfer as soon as is practicable.
22. The competition draw will be held by the Club on the 18th September 2022. All participants and members of the Club shall be entitled to witness the Competition.
23. The Club reserves the right to change the day of the Competition without notice.
24. The Club will endeavour to contact a prize winner through appropriate means.
25. The Club reserves the right to select a new winner for an unclaimed prize.
26. Any winner may be subject to verification by the Club.
27. Any prize is not transferable.
28. The Club reserves the right at all times to amend the competition and the terms and conditions herein set out. The cancellation or any change to the competition or these Terms and Conditions will be notified to the participants as soon as practicable.
29. The Club further reserves the right to cancel this competition for any reason.
30. The Competition shall be independently adjudicated by a person of the Clubs choosing. Any participant may request the credentials of the independent adjudicator.
31. All disputes, differences and questions of any nature which may arise between the purchaser of a ticket and the organisers of the Competition shall be referred to an independent adjudicator, to be nominated by the Executive Committee of the Club, to determine the issue.
32. The Club will maintain records for all entries to the competition, and all costs relating to the competition. These records may be audited by an independent adjudicator nominated by the Club.
33. The Club its servants, agents, licensees, trustees, directors, committee members or the organisers of the competition accept no responsibility for error, omission, alteration, tampering, deletion, theft, destruction, transmission, interception, communications failure, for unreceived, late, missing, incomplete, incorrectly submitted, corrupted or misdirected claims, entries, applications, memberships or otherwise.
34. The Terms and Conditions herein set out are at all times governed by and subject to the laws of the Republic of Ireland.